Do you want to find out more about where you came from and the lives of your ancestors?
We can help you to bring your family to life. Our friendly and professional researchers will work with you to trace your family back in time and produce a fascinating report about the lives of your ancestors.

After a free consultation, we will carry out research as agreed to find out about your family, where they lived, what they did and other information about their lives. We will then present this to you in a report that is easy to read and understand; and can be expanded as more is discovered about your ancestors.

Research Through People is based in the United Kingdom and can help you research your ancestors in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. We can also help those living abroad who have British ancestors.

An area we specialise in is migration. So, we can help those living abroad who have British ancestors. We also have associates in various countries in America, Australasia and Europe, so we can also help British people who have ancestors or relatives who emigrated from the United Kingdom. We speak French, German and Spanish. Just ask!

Grandpa and Kids

Our packages for anniversaries, such as Silver, Ruby or Golden weddings, are one of those presents guaranteed to last!

Please explore our family history services, then Contact Us for a free discussion about your requirements.


Tony W, England - "Congratulations on what you have done to date - far beyond my expectations to be so far advanced so quickly, very well done, just shows what can be achieved when someone knows what they are doing!"

Bill M, Scotland - "You have done  wonderful work and in such a short time, I thought it would have taken much longer. You obviously know what you are doing!"

Cathi L, Australia - "Thank you very much for all your hard work. Your perseverance has certainly paid off and I am thrilled with the amount of detail you have accumulated over the past few weeks.”

Jorge D, USA "Fantastic; many thanks for a great job on my Scots ancestors. The Edinburgh letters are great. Tremendous help from all the information you have sent.”   

Paul D, New Zealand - “You have done an incredible job! Your presentation and compilation of it all is quite brilliant. History really comes alive when we can be so in touch with family matters that happened 200+ years ago.”